LA.ST Creative is a duo venture set into motion by two creatives in Los Angeles, CA, and later in Sweden. Sylvia and Trent work together as content creators using videography and photography as their tools. LA.ST Creative has worked on Web Series, Short Films, Experimental Films, Fashion Films, advertising segments for clothing labels, sportswear/gear, and training gyms to new businesses and individuals looking to promote themselves across media platforms. We shoot photography content for personal use of all types as well as events, headshots and fashion. We are likely best known for our work within combat sports often shooting ringside at some of the biggest advertised fight events where world renown fighters compete. Some of our work has been internationally published from Sweden to the UK, Japan to the USA and everything in between. Sound Design and composing is a major component of LA.ST Creative where Trent's work shines on many levels. He has worked internationally on some very prestigious and award winning projects from commercial sound design work to feature films and music videos.  Have a project you need help with? We'd love to hear about it to see what we can do to help make it unique for you!


Sylvia with her Leica M10

Trent & Sylvia

Trent with his Panasonic GH5S rig

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